The PCARI Research and Instructional Infrastructure for Mentoring and Collaboration (PRIME) creates opportunities for practicing engineers and university instructors among PCARI collaborators and non-PCARI institutions to access advanced resources and graduate-level education. PRIME offers flexible infrastructure to support the mentoring and cross-collaboration of institutions across the entire country.

Mentor and Observer sites are provided advanced video conferencing equipment. This high quality platform gives way for real time, interactive, and near-immersive face-to-face classroom experience for more effective delivery and learning. In 2017, various seminars and classes have been held with off-campus collaborators.

For state universities and colleges that do not have high speed internet connection due to the high capital costs of installation, PRIME offers connectivity via a high-speed link (PREGINET) and installation of basic fiber infrastructure to maximize the use and benefits of the equipment.

PRIME supports the goals and visions of PCARI and CHED by providing infrastructure and resources that would facilitate communication, knowledge sharing, and easy access to online research information. It aims to widen PCARI’s reach and impact by providing connectivity and collaboration resources, with the long-term view of expanding beyond the scope and lifetime of the PCARI initiative.


The Philippine-California Advanced Research Institutes (PCARI) is a program of the Philippine government’s Commission on Higher Education (CHED), in collaboration with the Universities of California at Berkeley (UCB), the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) and leading Philippine academic institutions, to establish two joint research institutes: the Institute for Information Infrastructure Development (IIID) and the Institute for Health Innovation and Translational Medicine (IHITM).

PCARI-IIID is envisioned to be a platform for capacity-building in the following key technology areas identified by the government as focal points for industrial development in the Philippines: (a) resilient information infrastructure; (b) energy; and (c) online education and e-government. PCARI-IIID brings together leading academics, researchers, engineers and industrial partners from the Philippines and the University of California through a portfolio of high-impact projects intended to develop technologies closer to commercialization, as well as through upstream scientific projects that will build research capabilities and infrastructure in selected higher education institutions. In this way, PCAR-IIIID aims to help the Philippines to “leapfrog” the development of an advanced, robust and resilient information technology industry.